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As a business owner it's easy to show your Customers, Clients and Guests that your business is helping make ALL women safer.

The simple act of placing the Guardian TND sticker on the inside of your exit door shows that you are concerned about their safety. The stickers contain a Smart Secure Wireless Chip that communicates instantly with your customer's mobile phone with complete anonymity when they touch it. 

The Guardian TND smart sticker is offered for FREE to any and all businesses that request one.

The Guardian TND service is also FREE for your customers and Completely Anonymous.

Thank you for helping make ALL women safer around the world.


Safety is priceless.

Make your business the reason the world is a safer place.

Business Request

Request a Free Guardian TND Business Sticker Today

Thanks in advance for making a difference. We'll place your business safety sticker in the mail after receiving your request below.

Your request has been received.

Keep an eye on your mailbox in the coming days.

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