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Dating Can Be Fun.
Dating Can Be Dangerous.

Meet new people. Experience new things. Go to nice restaurants.  Maybe you find the love of your life or just someone to date for a while. But with every date there's the possibility of things going in an unexpected direction. When it comes to personal safety, don't leave it up to chance.

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Dating Basics

When it comes to personal safety, Guardian's got your back. Set the timer before your date starts and stop the timer when it's over. If there's an emergency or bad situation that prevents you from stopping the timer, your friends and family (that you've pre-selected) get alerted with a siren and your last known location.

Dating Truths

As much as we don't want to admit it, bad things sometimes happen. If you're not prepared for a bad situation, a bad date can become a nightmare. Don't become the subject of the next true crime podcast.

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Dating Safely

The best way to protect yourself is with the reliable, proactive Guardian safety keychain. There is NO subscription fee and each keychain comes with unlimited usage and alerts.

Sharing your location with a friend is not the same as using Guardian. Knowing where your phone is does not mean you are safe. Guardian overcomes flaws of location sharing, tracking apps and panic alarms too.

Online Dating Made Safer.

Make sure you get back to your car. Make sure you get home. Make sure the Uber or Lyft actually brings you home. Make sure you get inside safely. Only Guardian can alert an unlimited number of people you choose if something goes wrong.


Guardian Safety Alert Keychains

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