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The Guardian TND Initiative

Albert Einstein once said, “I believe in one thing—that only a life lived for others is a life worth living.”


He spent his life using science to help better the lives of all.


The Guardian TND Initiative team has committed their lives to helping make women safer all over the world using science.  

The inspiration for the Guardian TND Initiative came after discovering that all current personal safety devices, including panic button alarms and tracking apps, are flawed when used in REAL WORLD scenarios.

To overcome these real world flaws, we combined 15 unique scientific disciplines to create a revolutionary safety technology called Guardian TND.

In doing so, we not only enhance women’s safety with a tool that actually works in real world scenarios, but also brought forth a new concept called Social Safety.

Social Safety innately allows ALL women to instantly help ALL other women around the world.

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Why are panic button alarms & tracking apps flawed in REAL WORLD scenarios?

The answer to that question is pretty long, so here's the abridged answer.

In the real world when trouble happens, you don't expect it. The bad guy surprises you and stops you from reaching your panic button. In the real world the bad guys hide, waiting for the moment you are away from any bystanders who could see you or hear that panic button alarm.

In the real world, no one watches you on a tracking app every second of every day. In the real world the bad guy tosses your phone (along with the tracking app), right before they throw you in the trunk of a car.

The problem is panic button alarms and tracking apps are not designed for REAL WORLD scenarios.

Guardian TND is scientifically designed to overcome the real world flaws of panic button alarms and tracking apps.

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