Guardian TND Safety Works


You don't even have to open an App.



Point A is where you are at the moment when you are leaving to go somewhere. You do not need to open the App. Point A is initiated by simply touching your phone to the mobile keychain fob and a timer begins. 

Multiple people can use the same Point A fob as their starting point.

The premise of Guardian TND is that you were safe when you touched Point A to start the timer. So if the timer runs out and you haven't indicated you are at a safe place (Point B), your Guardians get alerted.


Point B is the safe location at the end of your journey. (i.e. inside your car, inside the front door of your house, at your job, or anywhere else if you are on the go). Upon arriving to your safe location you do not need to open the App. Simply touch your phone to the Point B chip to end the timer.

If you don't have a Point B chip at your destination, stop the timer by entering a secret pin code only you know.

For convenience, you may setup multiple Point B chips for yourself (i.e. one in your car, one in your house, one at your office).

Also, multiple people can setup/use the same Point B chip as their safe destination (i.e. staff at work, tenants in a building).


Guardians are the people you choose to get alerted in the event that you don't reach Point B in time (friends, family, neighbors and co-workers).

You can have 1 or more Guardians. We encourage setting up multiple Guardians because in the event that something happens to you, you'll want those closest to you to be aware of it and able to spring into action.

Your Guardians are NOT alerted each time you leave Point A and arrive at Point B. They are ONLY alerted when something goes wrong, which means no accidental alerts.


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Touch your phone to the NFC keychain fob or door sticker. This is Point A.

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For your Guardian, it's 1 and done

Your Guardian never has to open the Guardian App after the initial setup. Setup takes 1 minute for the person being Guarded and 30 seconds for the Guardian(s).

If and only if you're in an emergency, your Guardians are alerted in a powerful siren, your name on the screen and your last known location.

By the way, the Guardian system is completely anonymous, which means that we don't know who you are, where you are or who your Guardians are.

We take privacy very seriously.