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The More Guardians
You Have

Reasons Why More Guardians Means More Safety

The App allows you to designate as many Guardians as you like. The more Guardians you have increases your safety because of multiple reasons, including the following:


The Guardian app notifies your Guardians of your last known location. Since people are always on the go, the more Guardians you have, the more likely one of them will be near you during an emergency.


With more Guardians you'll have multiple advocates to push police and others they are associated with to go find and help you. You know people and those people also know other people. Your circle of protectors grows with more Guardians.


While the technology is extremely advanced and dependable, there is nothing in the universe that is 100%. The more Guardians you have, the more likely that at least one will have their phone not in a dead zone, not turned off and not out of battery.


Using sound to interrupt the focus of a criminal is very valuable. Imagine dozens of people constantly calling your phone when you are in the middle of an emergency. This distraction and sound increases the likelihood of disrupting the flow of a criminal's mind and spooking them.

The reasons why having many Guardians go well beyond the examples above, but one thing is for sure: the more Guardians you have, the higher your level of safety in an emergency.

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