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Getting Started with Guardian TND

When setting up Guardian, you define 3 things:


Point A:

Point A is the mobile fob that you keep with you or see at the exit of local stores.


Point B:

Point B is your safe arrival place (i.e. put the Point B NFC sticker inside your car, inside front door of house, or if you're always on the go, inside your wallet).



People you trust that would move heaven and earth to protect you.

Watch the short videos below for iPhone instructions and more information.

Guardian TND Features & Highlights

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Get your Guardian TND Safety Kit today.


The Guardian TND Initiative was created to reduce Violent Sexual Assault in the US by double digit percentages within 3 years, using science. This is accomplished with little effort by combining these 3 Elements.

  1. Technology that Enhances Safety in 2 Steps

  2. Protecting by affecting the Primal Brain (Basal Ganglia) of Predators

  3. Subliminally Changing Society with a Fashionable Fob on your Purse

Element 1 - Technology that Enhances Safety in

2 Steps


We engineered the Guardian TND technology to be:

  • Ultra-Convenient

  • Easier than 1 2 3

  • Instinctive to Use


To achieve a level of Ultra-Convenience, we needed a design that would be comfortably worn on the outside and not buried in a purse or pocket. The solution is a fashionable keychain fob (containing a Point A NFC chip inside) that could easily function as your primary keychain or be worn on a belt loop or purse.

Easier than 1 2 3

To make it easier than 123, we made it just TWO steps to use:

Step 1 – Touch phone on your Point A NFC fob and instantly the timer you pre-defined begins. This means there's NO App to find and open.

Step 2:

  • Touch phone on your Point B NFC chip, which is placed inside your car or home. This indicates to the system you've arrived  to a safe place and stops the timer.

  • Press the Cancel Timer button on your phone and enter your secret code. This is for cases where you don't have access to Point B or where you are delayed, such as running into a friend and chatting for a bit. This stops the timer.

  • You do not reach Point B or enter your cancel code in time.  In this case, your Guardian is Powerfully Alerted with your last known location.

Instinctive to Use

Instinctive goes well beyond Intuitive. It requires muscle memory. To accomplish that, we focused on the Touch Paradigm inherent to NFC technology. Thanks to NFC, you don’t need to search for and open an App on your phone. You physically touch your phone to the NFC fob and that’s it. The physical action of touching your phone to your fob creates universal muscle memory, making it instinctive to use (like walking into a room and automatically putting your hand on the wall to turn the lights on).

Element 2 – Protecting by affecting the Primal Brain (Basal Ganglia) of Predators

Rape and violent sexual assault has existed as a tool of power, war and degradation for over 6,000 years. Arguably conditions and safety have improved over the past few hundred years, but have they really?

Over the past few hundred years the key solutions to overcoming negatives in society have been to implement laws, education and awareness. Today, every state has implemented laws to criminalize Rape, and broadcasted campaigns of awareness and education abound.

Despite these efforts, less than 1% of Rapists get convicted and logic dictates that 99.9% of men know Rape is considered a bad thing and a crime. In fact, Rape today is so massively prevalent that 1 in 5 women in the US and 1 in 3 women globally will be Raped or Incomplete Raped during their lifetimes.

So why haven’t laws, education and awareness had a more powerful impact in reducing Rape in modern society?

Because Rape is unlike any other type of crime.

Rape is a taboo subject and requires acknowledgement and some level of publicity from the victim. If someone steals your car, how comfortable are you telling your friends and family about that crime? Now consider the same for the crime of Rape. The truth is that more of the closest people around you may have been Raped than you know. Remember this is a taboo subject. Many victims want to forget it ever happened or are ashamed of admitting it. This is something many victims live with throughout their lives and take as a secret to their grave. The rule of law says that a defendant has to see their accuser. How difficult is it to not only face your aggressor, but also relive the Rape experience and get shamed, berated and questioned of its validity in front of a group of strangers? Compare that to any other crime, and Rape stands out like no other crime in America.

If laws, education and awareness haven’t significantly reduced Rape in America, perhaps a radically different approach can help.

The Guardian TND Initiative is proactively working to reduce Rape and violent sexual assault in America by double digits within 3 to 5 years.

How will the Guardian TND Initiative succeed?

Why do speeding drivers slow down near the top of a hill on a highway?

Because they don’t know if there is a cop on the other side.

It comes down to the psychology of crime and the human Brain (also known as the Primal Brain or Basal Ganglia).

The more risk to a crime, the less likely the crime will be committed. There’s more risk when the speeding driver can’t see what’s on the other side of the hill, so they slow down. Guardian has 17 different ways it affects the brains of predators, which changes their fundamental thinking of Risk/Reward for the crime of Rape. Let’s explore two of them.

Presume that Guardian has reached usage by 5% of the adult female population in America. Now let’s think like a predator for a moment. When they consider an opportunity to Rape, they have a variety of new risk factors to consider. For example, is this person using Guardian? Does she have more than one Guardian that would be alerted?  Is her Guardian 30 seconds away or 30 minutes away? The list goes on. By design, Guardian is invisible when used. You don’t need to have your phone in your hands. You don’t need to have it running on your screen. You could be on a phone call, listening to music, resting your phone on a table, or doing anything else while Guardian is running invisibly in the background. This is critically important because the predator doesn’t know if you are using Guardian or not.


As Guardian becomes popularized, each person helps collectively change the (il)logical thinking of predators. By using Guardian you are increasing a predator’s risk and improving the personal safety of all women, including yourself. 


Another method that changes (il)logical thinking of predators deals with response time by police. Predators have to consider that if their victim is using Guardian TND, someone’s Guardians response and therefore police response times will be faster and more focused. Guardian’s design inherently increases the urgency to police compared to a victim not using Guardian. The higher the urgency to police, the faster and more aggressive the appropriate police (and/or Guardian) engagement.

Click link for more details on how Guardian TND increases Police Urgency.

That’s just 2 of 17 methods that Guardian TND incorporates to create small nudges in the brains of predators. These nudges increase the perceived risk in a Predator’s Primal Mind for the crime of Rape.

Wear it Proud & Save the World!

Guardian users are encouraged to place the Guardian Fob visibly on their keychain, purse or belt loop.

Wearing it publicly is key to changing the (il)logical brains of predators.

That’s because the Guardian Fob has been scientifically designed to subliminally be noticed. For example, Guardian’s logo uses specific colors optimized for the human eye. It’s symbols are designed to universally define the idea of women, safety and urgency. Inherently, it also has a similar affect to ward off predators who see it, similarly to how an alarm sticker on a home window has been proven to do. Additionally, by using it, adding multiple Guardians and wearing it proudly, you're encouraging others to do the same.

The small gesture of wearing it proudly every day creates a subtle and continual reminder to society that Guardian is out there, and predators need to think twice about Rape and violent sexual assauly.

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All that we ask is that you provide a nickname (or first name) that your Guardians will recognize. This means that if your friends call you Queen Bee, you can write your name as "Queen Bee" during setup and emergency alerts will inform your Guardians that "Queen Bee is in an emergency." You can also write "Jessica", "Alexandra" or anything else that will allow your Guardians to recognize that it's YOU. 

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