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Guardian TND is REAL Safety

Scientifically designed to overcome the
FLAWS of Panic Buttons & Tracking Apps

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Panic Buttons & Tracking Apps

In the REAL WORLD, when trouble happens, you don't expect it. The bad guys surprise you and stop you from reaching your Panic Button. In the REAL WORLD the bad guys hide, waiting for the moment you are away from any bystanders who could see you or hear that Panic Button.

In the REAL WORLD, no one can watch you on a Tracking App every second of every day. In the REAL WORLD the bad guy tosses your phone with the Tracking App, right before they put you in the trunk of a car.  


The problem is Panic Buttons & Tracking Apps are not designed for the REAL WORLD.

Guardian TND is scientifically designed to overcome the REAL WORLD FLAWS  of Panic Buttons & Tracking Apps.


Unmute To Hear Audio

Multiple Colors Available

Guardian Kit Metal with Packaging Purple.png

Parking Lot

Walking to your car in a garage or parking lot has never felt safer.


Exercise is important.

Getting home

safely is critical.

leaving class.jfif

Walking Back

Class is over or work has ended and it's time to walk outside.

Food Delivery

Food Delivery

Don't let your guard down just because they work for a well known delivery company.


Rideshare with
Uber or Lyft is now safer because you're not alone.

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