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Social Safety

Social tech is everywhere. There's social media like Instagram, social networking like LinkedIn, social reviews like Yelp, and many other social technologies.

Today we introduce you to Social Safety.

Social Safety is so powerful that it inherently and instantly lets you change the world for ALL women to be safer, including you and those immediately around you.

At its most basic level, Social Safety is the perpetually growing network of women you trust, who become your Guardians or who you become Guardians for, when using Guardian TND. In fact, Guardian TND lets you have an unlimited number of Guardians and you can be a Guardian to an unlimited number of people.

How does that make you safer and change the world?


It has been scientifically proven that the more Guardians you have,  the more your sphere of protection grows and your safety increases. As you grow that network, it has also been scientifically proven that unlike panic buttons or tracking apps, Guardian TND innately lets you increase awareness of women's safety and inherently reduce violence against women around the world.

(Contact us to learn more information on the proven Science of Social Safety that ONLY Guardian TND can accomplish)

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