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Marla Walks Her Dog

Hi, I'm Marla. I walk my dog several times a day. I use Guardian every time I walk. It gives me the most comfort early in the morning and late at night when not too many people are around. I like the convenience of tapping my phone to the little keychain fob. When I'm back in my house with my dog, I close the door and tap Point B, as they call it. I added my 2 female neighbors as Guardians, my 5 best girlfriends and my 2 brothers who live 25 minutes away.

I'm a daily user of Guardian TND
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Lacey Is A Server

I work as a server at a local fancy restaurant. Some of my co-workers have been accosted while walking/biking home. We all started using Guardian TND at the request of my manager and now we can depend on each other to be there if something happens. This is a brilliant creation. When I order food delivery at home I turn it on just to be extra cautious.

I use Guardian TND every day of the week except my day off when I stay home all day and cook.
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Tracey Is A Busy Bee

My name is Tracey. I love living on my own but won't deny that I am nervous at least once a day. Since I started using Guardian my anxiety has dropped to almost nothing. I use my Guardian fob several times a day - when I make my way to work and home, or any stops in between (like when I go to the supermarket or yoga class, which is Tuesday and Thursday) and I used it this past weekend after going out for drinks before I got in the Uber. Without going into my entire daily routine, I just want to say thank you for giving me peace of mind.

I'm a daily user of Guardian TND

Jeanice Lives Everyday

Hey, I'm Jeanice. I'd just like to say that Guardian is the real deal. I thankfully haven't had any situations where my Guardians were notified, but there's just something really reassuring to know that my dad, best friends and next door neighbors will all be notified at the same time if something happens. That's all.

I'm a daily user of Guardian TND
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Mel Works From Home

Hi, I'm Melissa (Mel). I work from home and didn't think Guardian TND had any purpose for me, but then I realized that, ok, I work from home, but I go out at least once per day, and often on the weekends. So, long story short, I use Guardian when I go out. I chose my 2 best girlfriends, my 3 neighbors and my 3 siblings as guardians. Thank you.

I'm a daily user of Guardian TND
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Yoon Is A Nurse

Hi, I'm Yoon. I work as a nurse and I use Guardian TND when walking to my car after work (also when I'm doing  other things like running errands). This is a very advanced product that is simple to use. I wish all programs we use at the hospital could be so simple. I'm thankful I discovered Guardian TND and will use it for life (or until the risk of crime goes away). You are incredible. Back to work for me :)

I'm a daily user of Guardian TND
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Rose Takes Public Transportation

Thank you Guardian. I take the train each day to and from work, which means that I'm out in public a lot. Guardian TND gives me security. I have my husband, my 3 best girlfriends and 2 of my co-workers as Guardians. I use it whenever I'm going to and from the train station, but also at other times. I like that I just tap my phone to it and it starts - there's NO fiddling with apps and buttons, etc. Thanks again.

I'm a daily user of Guardian TND
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Jessie Is In College

Hello, I'm the first one to admit that Guardian TND works. It's kinda scary being at college and walking across campus alone. One time after dinner I was walking back and my phone alert went off (and so did my Guardians too). I received calls and texts instantly. I was fine, nothing actually happened to me, but thank god it proved to me that the thing actually works. Thanks Guardian TND.

I'm a daily user of Guardian TND
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