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Multi-Patented Guardian TND uses
Truly Cutting Edge Technology
to Make Women Safer

Learn about the technology that's driving the Guardian TND Initiative

15 Scientific Disciplines Combined

Guardian TND seems simple because we've designed it to look and function that way. However, behind the scenes we use truly cutting edge technology that incorporates 15 scientific disciplines in every aspect of the system. Let’s discuss a few of the many cutting edge aspects created for Guardian TND that use these 15 scientific disciplines.

  1. Behavioral Science

  2. Physiological Optics

  3. Neuroscience

  4. Psychology

  5. Sociology

  6. Anthropology

  7. Audiology

  8. Biophysics

  9. Cognitive Psychology

  10. Computational Biology

  11. Ludology

  12. Chromatics

  13. Material Engineering

  14. Electrical Engineering

  15. Computer Science

Scientist on Computer

Panic Buttons Don’t Work

Nearly 2/3 of people experience what is called Tonic Immobility in high stress situations of danger.

This is NOT a weakness!

If you remember the movie Jurassic Park or basically any movie with a scary animal predator, you are always told to freeze and move very slowly. This instinctive aspect of human behavior is ingrained and has allowed humanity to survive to this day. So there is NO Shame in Freezing when you are in violent danger.

That being said, when it comes to Fight, Flight or Freeze, 2/3 of us Freeze. So how useful is a button if your body is frozen?

Guardian TND is designed specifically to overcome Tonic Immobility.



Intuitive Design means that something is easy to use. We wanted to go well beyond intuitive, and designed Guardian TND to be INSTINCTIVE. What does that mean?


Think of it this way - you walk into your pitch dark bedroom and turn on the lights. How did you know the light switch was on the right side and 3.5 feet from the floor and 6 inches from the door frame? You didn’t even have to think, because you just knew. It’s INSTINCTIVE.

We designed Guardian TND to be the ultimate ease of use. After just a couple uses you won’t even think about how to use it because it will be INSTINCTIVE.

1 Bar

Near Zero Internet

There are a number of systems in the marketplace that offer constant tracking, video surveillance, and similar solutions. The problem is that they all require a continuous data connection on your phone. Here’s the problem:

Do you remember the speed of the internet on your first iPhone or Android?  Over the years, we’ve gone from 3G, 4G and now 5G. Yet with all this advancement, we’ve all experienced our nice 5G phones moving at a snail's pace or hitting a dropout point where the connection drops completely. Can that be depended on for emergency situations? We say NO.

That’s why we designed a smarter communication system to work at a level of 1 bar at 3G. At that level, you might not be able to get a text message to work, but Guardian TND works. As long as you can touch your phone to Point A with the slightest signal, you're protected.

No GPS - No Problem

Tracking technology has advanced greatly, but many can attest to it not working well inside a parking garage or even when out and about in a city. The fact is, even with line of sight on a clear sunny day, GPS’s accuracy can only get to a few meters of accuracy. While we do use GPS for private anonymous tracking, we know it can fail you. So we created a new kind of location technology that can work with accuracy down to 1 inch, even if you are in a concrete building.
Car Keys

Anti-False Alarm Technology
You Won’t Forget to
Turn it OFF

Sometimes we forget stuff. We forget that we left the pot boiling or that we left our keys on the counter. What we don’t want to forget is to turn off the Guardian TND Timer system when we arrive at our safe place, Point B. While there isn’t anything in the universe that’s 100%, we’ve got you covered at 99.99% with 11 different components that make sure you don’t send off any false alarms to your Guardians. 

Some of these include a reminder system that reminds you at 2 minutes left and at 1 minute left that the Guardian timer is running. Using a key long sound and vibration as well as a system that will work even if you are on Do Not Disturb mode. If you don’t have a Point B chip nearby to tap and close the timer, you can simply enter your secret pin code that only you know. To make sure you minimize the possibility of your battery dying before you reach home, we use Artificial Intelligence to measure the amount of time you input for the timer and the battery level you have at that moment. And will advise you of that at Point A, if it calculates that you don’t have enough battery left to last until you get to Point B.

All this and more are things we built into the app to reduce the chance of false alarms.

Instant Usage

If we ask you to find a certain app on your phone, do you know exactly where to go each and every time? Some people put apps into folders, others scroll through pages and pages of shortcuts and some search by entering the name of the app. Whichever path you take, it's never instant.

With Guardian TND, there's no App to find and open each time. Simply turn on your screen and touch the back of your phone to the Guardian NFC chip inside your fob, business exit sticker or leaving-home-chip and that’s it. Instantly, everything begins, and you are set. To turn it off, simply touch the back of your phone to the Point B chip (or enter your private pin code) and you have securely stopped Guardian from monitoring your safety.

Image by jom jakkid

Amber Alerts on Steroids

We are one of the very few organizations in the world that have been certified by Apple's iOS and Google's Android for a new level of alert and notification that surpasses any others found today by most any Mobile App.

So even if your Guardian's volume is all the way down, in sleep mode or do not disturb mode, your Guardian will be alerted powerfully with Scientifically designed Sound and Visuals that are proven to increase urgency for you by your Guardians.

The Science of Color

The Guardian TND logo, Guardian TND App and more are designed with specific color wavelengths that are the most optimal for the human eye. So your Guardian will notice an alert and predators will notice the symbol.

Colorful Lights

The Science of Imagery

The Guardian TND logo is scientifically designed to use universal imagery that visually ingrains into the human mind. The form of the woman is universal in that it is a woman. The dog's shape overlayed over the woman, the doberman breed and the colors were scientifically designed and selected.

The Science of Sound

The frequency, pattern, pitch and more were scientifically chosen and optimized to stand out and be heard optimally for the human ear.

Sound Waves
Image by Nick Fewings

Universal Point A
Easy Access Everywhere

The Point A chips in the Guardian TND Fobs are universal to use. So any phone from any Guardian user can instantly initiate the Guardian TND secure timer from ANY Guardian TND keychain fob.


Just a touch of the back of their phone on ANY Point A Guardian TND keychain and that's it!

This makes it easy to access Guardian anywhere you go, on the go.

Next Generation Microchips

The Guardian TND NFC chips are not the ones you can buy off the shelf. They have more than twice the read range from your phone to make them more dependable to read compared to off the shelf NFC chips.  Their security is NSA Grade.  They use half the power of even the nearest comparable NFC chip.  It's packaging is a proprietary design that further optimizes it's interaction with the latest iPhones and Android Phones.  

It is truly Next Generation Microchip Technology. 

Because we strive to make every aspect of Guardian TND to be as reliable for you as possible in today's world. 

Image by Brian Kostiuk
Golden Hour Graphic Guardian TND copy.png

The Golden Hour of Medical Medical Emergencies

Multiple studies have shown that if you have a life threatening injury, getting medical services to arrive within 60 minutes of that injury occurring is the difference between life and death in most cases. That is why the Medical Industry has defined a rule known as the Golden Hour. We all don't wish to be in such situations but wouldn't you want a safety tool designed to optimize your chances of living instead of bleeding out in an alley or parking garage or anywhere. Guardian TND is designed to optimize your chances to live based on the Golden Hour

In addition to what's noted above, there are a dozen more proprietary technologies incorporated into the multi-patented Guardian TND technology and App.
Read just a few of the multiple patents here.

Guardian TND

is truly


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