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Guardian TND is a safety device that keeps you Safer from Point A to B

Panic Alarms
Do Not Work In The Real World

When it comes to your personal safety, panic alarms DO NOT WORK. Here's why:

Tracking apps and panic alarms with flashing lights and sirens are NOT designed for the real dangers we face in the modern world we live in.

In the real world the bad guy shows up when you're alone so no one can see you or hear your panic button alarm.​ In the real world, a flashing light isn't going to stop someone with bad intentions.

In the real world your location tracking app is useless because it doesn't tell people that you're in trouble. Location tracking apps only show where your phone is. Also, the first thing the bad guy does after attacking you is toss your phone.

​Guardian TND overcomes the inherent flaws of panic button alarms, flashing lights and tracking apps by employing timer-based safety. Guardian TND is a smart safety device for women's self defense that notifies friends and family of your last known location in an emergency.

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