Guardian TND Initiative

Using Technology, Psychology & Fashion to make women safer from Point A to B

Guardian TND

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What is
Guardian TND?

Guardian provides enhanced safety when you are going from Point A to Point B in your daily life.


You have multiple Point A & B situations throughout your day - places you leave and places you arrive. It could be going across town from your house to the gym or walking around your car to pump gas and then returning to the safety inside your car. There is always a Point A and Point B.

Guardian TND gives you peace of mind that if anything bad happens between Point A & B, the people you know and trust (your Guardians) will be powerfully notified including your last known location.

You can choose as many of your own personal Guardians as you like (i.e. family, friends, neighbors, co-workers). Plus, it's designed so that your Guardians are ONLY alerted when something goes wrong. Meaning no accidental alerts. 

We know that 99% of the time all goes well and in those cases your Guardian is NOT alerted. For the unexpected situations, Guardian gives you the security and peace of mind knowing that the people you trust the most will proactively know you need help and where you were last located.

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Get your Guardian TND Kit Today

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Notify your Guardians.

Feel safer, protected & guarded.

Parking Garage

Walking to your car in a garage or parking lot has never felt safer.


Exercise is important.

Getting home

safely is critical.

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Leaving Library

Class is over and it's time walk across campus. Go with Guardian.

Image by Dawn McDonald

Getting Gas

Running errands with an extra level of safety never felt so good.


Rideshare with
Uber or Lyft is now safer because you're not alone.

Guardian TND Features & Highlights

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Get your Guardian TND Kit today.

Pick your kit color.

Easy setup in less than 2 minutes.

Notify your Guardians.

Feel safe, protected and guarded.