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Highlights and Features

Some pretty amazing stuff you should know about Guardian TND Smart Safety Keychains...


Guardian TND is a smart safety keychain with built-in emergency alerts that works with your phone to make you safer.

Guardians are your family, friends, neighbors, and/or co-workers that you choose to have alerted if you're in an emergency along with your last known location. They only get alerted in an emergency situation - not each time you use it.

1-Step To Use

1-Step To Use

Could it be any easier? In the spirit of simplicity and KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) we've designed Guardian TND to work with just 1-step. Touch your phone to Point A (the Guardian keychain or a sticker at the exit of a local store) and that's it. A timer starts and you're protected. When you arrive at a place you consider safe, touch the Point B chip or enter your secret pin code. Read more about 1-step to use in the FAQs.

Free For Life

The Guardian TND initiative is to make the world safer for everyone, including you. We are working to eradicate sexual assault and reduce crime. The best way for us to achieve this is to grant access to Guardian TND with no obligation to pay for service. That's why each Guardian Smart Safety keychain comes with lifetime access to adding an unlimited number of Guardians and unlimited emergency alerts.


Proactive vs Reactive

Guardian TND is proactive timer-based safety. It works proactively on your behalf to keep you safe. If there's an emergency, your Guardians will be notified with no effort from you. Once the smart safety timer is activated, the system knows if and when Guardians need to be notified.

We designed Guardian to be proactive not reactive because reactive safety would require you to do something in the event that you need help. However, the likelihood of being able to do what is necessary when you need help is unlikely because of a variety of reasons, but especially because 7 out of 10 people freeze and become immobile in real emergencies. By being proactive you are protected by your Guardians no matter what situation you may be in.

Here is a list of things that are hard to physically do and reliably depend on being able to do in the chaos of real-world emergencies:

  • Pull out a gun, aim and pull the trigger.

  • Take out a knife and stab, while being mindful to not have the knife taken from you.

  • Push a button or pull apart a device that emits sound or light. After pushing/pulling you have to aim it in the proper direction to ward off your attacker. Even then, will a sound or flashing light stop someone with bad intentions?

  • Spray a can of spray in the proper direction and hope you're not downwind.



Guardian TND provides complete privacy by keeping the identities of the Guarded and Guardians (i.e. you and those you trust) completely anonymous in the system.

There's no personal information that's provided or stored. There's no username, password, email or phone number required. The app does not know anything personally identifiable about you. 


Activate the device, setup/notify your Guardians and if you have an emergency or unwanted situation, your chosen Guardians will be alerted with your last known location.

For even more privacy, you'll notice that sending the Guardian ID code happens outside of our system - you'll send them the code via text, a messaging platform, or email. We link the randomized numbers together for alerting purposes, but that's it.


We have no personally identifiable information about you.

No Tracking


In a time when people feel more and more exposed online and with an abundant of unwanted sharing of personal information, Guardian TND takes pride in you being anonymous and keeping your personal information PRIVATE & PERSONAL, just as it should be.

The brilliance of the design allows you to remain completely anonymous in the system. Unlike just about every other app and technology system out there, we don't know who our users are.

The app uses a design that allows the usage of advanced NFC (near field communication - the same tech used for Apple Pay® and Google Pay®) along with an anonymized backend platform.

When you setup Guardian there is no username, no password, no phone number, no email address, no registration, no hidden fees, no contract and no personally identifiable information.

No Tracking & Last Known Location

You may not realize it, but many apps track your each and every location. That bothers us because it doesn't have to be that way. So, in the spirit of privacy, the Guardian TND app does not store your each and every movement.

Guardian TND is there for you when you need it but does not infiltrate your life or the life of your Guardians.

Since you're anonymous to the system and your privacy is protected, we don't know who you are. There is no tracking of identifiable individuals in the system and no location sharing with your Guardians UNLESS THERE’S AN EMERGENCY.

Once the timer is activated and while it's running, our secure server pings your location and stores only the most recent successful ping until the timer hits 0:00.

  • If you stop the timer before 0:00, the data is deleted from the server.

  • If the server stops receiving a ping response prior to the timer reaching 0:00 (i.e. your phone’s broken, thrown in the river or you entered a bad signal zone), it marks and stores the last successful ping as the last known location.

  • When the timer hits 0:00, the system shares the most recent successfully pinged location with your Guardians.

Key point: No location information is shared with anyone UNLESS & UNTIL there's an emergency. Once the timer hits 0:00 or you press the Emergency Now button, your last known location is shared with your Guardians. This is the core of the system and that's how your Guardians know where to find you.


Quantum Security

It may not mean much to you, but rest assured that when you use Guardian TND you are using one of the most advanced privacy systems in the world. We care about your privacy and anonymity.

Through The Years

Call when you get home was so 1990s.


Send a text when you get home was so 2000s.

Arriving safely and not calling anyone, but knowing that if you don't make it home safely Guardian TND is looking out for you and will proactively notify your Guardians is so TODAY.

Image by Aron Visuals
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