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Guardian TND

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Enhancing Women's Safety and Peace of Mind from Point A to B


Guardian TND Safety

Guardian TND Smart Safety Keychains

Guardian TND is a smart safety keychain with built-in emergency alerts. It works with your phone to make you safer.

In this world where danger may be lurking around every next corner and personal safety is never taken for granted, Guardian TND allows you to live with more safety and peace of mind.

With Guardian TND, if a bad situation happens as you go from Point to B in your daily life, the people you know and trust most (your Guardians) are alerted with a siren on their phone and your last known location. Guardians include friends, family, neighbors and/or co-workers that you choose.

When you are in the middle of trouble, don't be so sure that pulling a string, pressing a button or spraying a liquid is going to be easy or possible. This report states that 70% of people freeze with "tonic immobility" during an emergency, which is why we've designed it to work proactively and automatically with no effort from you.

Unmute To Hear Audio

Multiple Colors Available

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Parking Lot

Walking to your car in a garage or parking lot has never felt safer.


Exercise is important.

Getting home

safely is critical.

leaving class.jfif

Walking Back

Class is over or work has ended and it's time to walk outside.

Food Delivery

Food Delivery

Don't let your guard down just because they work for a well known delivery company.


Rideshare with
Uber or Lyft is now safer because you're not alone.

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