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The Guardian TND Safety Keychain with built-in emergency siren and location alerts to chosen contacts keeps you safer from Point A to B. It overcomes all the flaws and limitations of panic buttons, safety alarms and tracking apps.


Activate the personal safety alarm keychain when leaving Point A by touching it to your phone. When arriving safely at Point B (or anywhere in between), touch phone again or enter secret PIN code. If timer reaches 0:00, or if you press EMERGENCY NOW, Guardians are POWERFULLY alerted.


  • No subscription fees. No recurring fees. No hidden fees.
  • No battery. Keychain lasts up to 10 years.

Guardian TND Smart Safety Keychain Alarm for Women - Green

  • The Guardian TND Safety Keychain in dark green leatherette includes all that you need to get setup for safety:

    • 1 Point A dark green smart safety keychain fob with trendy leather-like material and long-lasting metal clasp.
    • 2 Point B stickers to be placed in your safe place such as inside your car or inside your front door.
    • Access to How-To videos that guide you through setting up your phone and your Guardians in less than 2 minutes.
    • Add unlimited Guardians (friends, family, neighbors and co-workers).
    • Unlimited number of critical emergency alerts to your Guardians.
    • Free app to download and use.
  • Consider gifting Guardian to your loved ones, employees, co-workers, friends and family members.

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